If items are not functioning correctly there are two ways to clear your browser cache in Chrome.  

1. Hit the Ctrl and the F5 key at the same time (Ctrl-F5) for Windows Machines if the issue does not resolve please try solution 2. (MAC users have to use solution 2)

2.  Click the Chrome Menu at the top right of the browser.  The menu is three dots stacked on each other. Choose > More Tools > Clear Browsing Data.   Change the Time Range to Last 24 Hours and then click the blue button at the lower right that says Clear Data.  

Screen shots are attached for reference to clear your cache.  

Since PQC Tech has NO control on the client browser we suggest if ctrl-F5 does not resolve the issue that you follow the procedures in step 2. If neither resolves the issue please put a step by step of how you are having the issue and open a service request.